07 September, 2010


thank ye shas cute coz tag kan tok pu3..
kalo rjin t..tag la lagi tok pu3 aw..
pu3 rjin bls kalo d owg tag an tok pu3
na taw ne satu shas..klik sini.

Rules & Regulation :

firstly , if you've been tagged , you must write yours answer in your own blog and replace any question that you dislike with a new , original question .
secondly , tag eight people .
don't refuse to do that , don't tag people who tagged you .

1 . who sleeps in bed next to you ?
♥ my luvely n the  only sister

2 . do you ever lied to a boyfriend/girlfriend to get out of somethings ?
♥ uis..d jgk..huh..p ta selalu..kne pandai la..hehhe

3 . what kind of kuih raya did you make ?
♥ tahun nie ibu jus na wat kerepek jep..tamaw wat kuih.p aku ase cm taun nie ta meriah sgt na raye..

4 . best day of the week ?
♥ skola dpt jmpe kawn2 yg chumel2..blek umh..dpt temu janji ngn my sweetie lappy..huhu
..n ari sb2 n ahd..tgk tb or blogging..huhu2.

5 . what's really creepy ?
♥ bile tyme sume diam..tade spe pown ckp . .

6 . what's your current fandom / obsession / addiction ?
♥ ohoho...mstie la bab2 tangkp2 gambr nie.mnt sgt2..huhu..hope besa t ley jadi photographer.

7 . what are the colour of your baju raya ?
♥ ofcoz la wrne biru..my fav color lorh..but taun nie designs je sme ngn mak n akk..but..color len..ikt color masing2..hehe

8 . what did you eat for break fast today ?
♥ nasi ngn telur goreng..kalo d lauk semalam..mkn lauk semalam la.huhu

9 . what is your aim for this raya ?
♥ na tgkp gambr ngn sedara n kwn2 byk2..
♥hope dpt dwet aye lbh 400..taun lps na dkt 300.huhu

10 . what was the last things you bought ?
♥ beli blouse..ta pnh beli doe blouse b4 nie..chantek..murh..RM40..huhu..thx ibu..
♥beli deodurant..tok raye kowt..p tok ari biase pown ley kai..hehe

11 . what was the cuttest thing you've seen recently ?
♥ hoho..i seen my cute cousin this morning
only tht.

12 . does the cute things affect your mood ?
♥ mstie le terus sym n sym cm org gile..hehehe

13 . what is your zodiac sign ?

14 . do you want to learn other skills ?
♥ sudah semestila bab2 na tgkp gmbar..adesh.. obsesss..~! =)

15 . 5 things you can't live without ?
♥my familys
♥ my handphone handfon
♥my sweetie lappie.
♥foods n drinks

16 . if you could meet anyone now , who would you meet ?
♥my friends..

p/s :windu la kat deme..rindu sgt2. =)

17 . what's somethings you'd to say to someone right now ?
♥ ibu..nana na DSLR  ley x??huk2..

18 . what are you looking forward to ?
♥ SPM 2011..cane la agknye erk..

19 . say something to the person who tagged you ?
♥ terima kasih kat shas coz tag an tok pu3 =D
♥ semoga mendapat result yang cemerlang dalam SPM n doakan pu3 taw
♥ selamat hari raya,hope shas dpt dwet aye lbh 100.
♥ hope u happy with ur lovely family n friends or other peoples tht u love..

lastly , tag eight people .


hoho..sape2 yg kene tag nie mmg b'tuah sgt2..coz ditag..
jgn lupe erk..post t..


MiMiEy :) said...

saya, di tag..
thanks ...
akn ku buat :)

puteri.diyana94 said...

ur welcom..

MiMiEy :) said...

tengah menjawab nie..

Humanity Life said...

Hahaha.. anda tags ye.. huhuhu ! Selamat Hari Raya maap zahir dan batin buat tuan rumah serta para pengunjung dlaman blog ini!

Artikel terkini saya : http://humanitylife.blogspot.com/2010/09/piranha-3-d-2010-movie-stream.html