06 December, 2010


salam..i want 2 update about a tag..
i'd been tag by my own sister..
i should 2 tell 25 about me..hak2..
ok2..let's start it.

errr...my picture lorh..hehehe.did u know?weheee

1.my name is puteri diyana mohd khalil

2.love 2 chat in facebook,messages, ber"blogwalking" and love 2 snap pictures..<3..

3.love photography..

4.such a michievous gurl,maybe lorh..hehe

5.not 2 honest,not 2 kind n not 2 bad..hi2.so just think urself

6.gedikx??..i don't think so larh .bcoz i think i'm such a cute girl.huhu

7.love 2 make other peoples angry 2 me.hoho..so bad right?..wink2. (^_-)

8.don't like 2 angry at other peoples n don't know how lorh..eventhouht i'm prefect at 
school.huuh...such a kind girl..hehehe

9.always do mistakes like other peoples too.

10.love 2 sit in front of my laptop 4 many hours until my "backbone" got hurt..hehehe..

11.loves kittens or cats but hate dogs..HAHAHA~love hamster 2.

12.born at HOS. Teluk Intan-09 mei 1994.

13.still 16 in this year..but...next year in 2011..i become a candidate SPM lorh.(wish me success ok)

14.i have 4 members in my family include my parents..so i have 2 siblings n i'm d last daughter..fisrt is my only sister.

15.i really want a brother..but..i don't get it..errr..i don't know y.(melabun)

16.have short hair just like a boy and such a chubby girl. =)

17.love 2 edit pictures but not 2 nice la..bcoz i'm not 2 pro lorh.can u teach me how??huh..

18.wish 2 be photographer or accountant when i grow up..but my mom wanted me 2 be a                teacher just like her now.i don't know which one i want.

19.like 2 sleep late.just like 12 pm n like 2 wake late too  4 about 9 a.m.tht's y my mom always angry 2me lahh...hahhaa..~

20.love eat nasi pattaya n drink-horlick..so delicisosos..HAHAH~

21.hate study...hate read books n hate 2 do housechores 2..hahah..i'm a good right..hahaha.

22.trying 2 be a good,success n helpful girl next year

23.willing 2 get 9A in SPM 2011..amin..

24.love my families,my friends and who loves me 2..hahaha

24...ofcoz la i love myself lahh..hehhee...just like u love urself..n i'm a single lady..hahhaa..u can sign in lah...try2 le..hehehe

tht's all about me

penat dah speaking argh.huh



ajelan said...

minat fotografi, klik sini, sy share tuk korang sume

ciEk NiENa said...

OH horlick, saya pom suka.. HIHI

wild child ! said...

yang ke 26 : amalina idris sayang puteri diyana lahh :)

heee , ok x?

HaFez94 Hisham said...

Woo...byk nye nak tahu nie..huhu...

puteri.diyana said...

cik nina

huhu..we're same..

ina:hak2..btol gak 2..leyh2..ok je..