23 February, 2013

windmild,maybe? heee :D

after edit

before edit.

Assalamualaikum..hye hye my friend's blogger..whatcha doing?are u doing finE?hope all of u are in a good condition :)
i just had finished edited above photo.i edited it as HDR photo.what do u think?okay? not okay? better? or good? good,i don't think so.or too over?.hahaha~whatever
i just edit it just for fun..because now i feel so bored..btw i love to edit picture evertytime i have a free time but i know that i'm not a good in edit photo..heee.. maybe one day i'll try to learn how to edit photo perfectly,marvelous.. n other else..wuu..can i? maybe..hee.. just like the quote said " practices make perfect" ..yeah! right? :) 

okay..that's all.have a good day everyone..daaa 

assalamualaikum ~