03 March, 2013

Happy birthdayy dear! :'*

Assalamualaikum..just wanna wish my bestfriend a.k.a roomate a.k.a classmate,Sharifah Syakinah Happy belated birthday.. her birthday was on 2nd mac..that time i still at my sweet home.u know what?i really love to bake cake .so i baked a special cake for her n brought it today evening.

 she wear the black veir n black spect..~ i wear the red veir..n another one is my another bestfriend a.k.a roomate a.k.a classmate..hee  love both of them much2!

again..Happy birthdayy dear qina.. may ALLAH bless u alwayss n hope our friendship never end and also with Khadijah..  to Khadijah..sorry for today..i know i already hurt ur heart ..insyaAllah i'll make a cake for you when ur birthday come okay..~ if Allah will it. :)

orite.that's all for today.. daa 

da daa

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Meyra John said...

Hai. :) Salam perkenalan. Mari join sini. ^^


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Thanks dear!!