20 March, 2013

just post only! :'*

my sistaahh n i! :)

Assalamualaikum hye hye  bloggers. i post this photo just for fun only to release my tension,tomorrow night i have test for calculus 1.btw. my final exam is just around the corner .Its on 28th march 2013 . Oh my god.. i don't think that i'm ready.. wuuaaa..  someone help me please..

 you know what..my final exam just in 2 weeks..n i take 6 subjects..pergh! daebak u all. i hope i can catch up all the subjects.. wish me luck okay? .. i hope this sem i will get dean list.. seriously i feel quite  jealous towards my friends who got the dean list last sem.. :(  

thats all.my bed already calling my name million time now.hahaha. daaa 

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