27 September, 2014

lazy ? err yupp lazy... ! -__-

Assalamualaikum.. hurgh.. hope today will be a good day for me n also yours. heee
actually, i dont know why i think like im so lazy today to make a move to study just like picture above. huhu . can't move? maybee  bcz im at my home sweet home with ma lovely family.thats y i bcme so lazy today. eh act not only today but yesterday also. hihihi.

 but i have to study for my 2nd  final exam this 3rd october.
 that subject is not too bad , i just need to remember the step n also the coding. 

yesterday,i'd looked n read the book before going sleep. n then became sleepy and go to sleep. hahaha. normal thing after read book we will become sleepy right. hihi 

so if u cant sleep make sure u read something book that is too boring to u to read,. n later insyaAllah u can sleep. hahaha :p nevermind. 

insyaAllah after this i try myself to start my study mood. btw goodluck who r face final exam too... fighting! :)


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