31 March, 2011

Happy birthday 2 my father~

assalamualaikum guys..today 1 April 2011 is my father's birthday...hoho.
this morning b4 my mom n i  go to school.we wished him. ngee =)
ofcoz lahh kene wish right..

i'm so sorry if i always hurt your heart,
i can't control myself when i'm talking,
i really hope that you forgive me

You are my hero, Dad
You're my secure foundation.
When I think of you, I'm filled with love
And fond appreciation.

You make me feel protected;
I'm sheltered by your care.
You're always my true friend; and Dad,
When I need you, you're always there.

You have a place of honor
Deep within my heart.
You've been my superhero, Dad,
Right from the very start.

I feel safe when you are with me;
You show me fun things to do;
You make my life much better;
The best father I know is you.

I’m happy you’re my Dad
And so I want to say
I love you, Dad, and wish you
happy birthday father!!

this is my lovely father.what do u think when u look at this picture?
does his face look like a chinese man?or malay?.give ur opinion ok..tq

btw..happy again 2 my father!
i love u so much father!!! =D


Syakirah Azib said...

hepi befday jugak uncle. hehe. :)

puteri.dyne94 said...

hehe..thx syakirah =)

Syakirah Azib said...

kite wat shoutbox kite tu kite tgk kat tutorial sini.. hehe..


waN Mohd Salim said...

pi besday uncle .. smoga slalu sejahtera bersame famiLy ..

puteri.dyne94 said...

thx wan.. =D

nurulfzz said...

mcm chinese cket.=)

BΛBYDIΣRΛツ said...

Your father look like chinese lol :)

puteri.dyne94 said...

nurul and baby diera
yeah...like tht lah..hehehe =)