19 April, 2012

Reupload photos with my elder sis :D

Assalamualaikum..hye readers

What r u doing now?playing games?online?watching Tv?hoho.nevermind.as long as u read this entry okay darl :D hee.
today..i like 2 try to speak in English..fully english..but.sorry if my English so bad..even thought my mom teach in English,that doesn't mean that i know speak in english 2.so today i want to learn to speak in English. :D

Based on the title of this entry..i would like to show u some photos of me with my elder n the only sister. :D
For ur information..i have 2 siblings only..i'm the younger one..yeah!i'm always young..HAHAH :D
My sister's name is Puteri Amira.she's 22 years old this year.She studies Bachelor of Education (Hons) Science (Physics) at UITM,Shah Alam. heee :D

from left: me and my sister..

aww!we're cute right?i knew it.heee :D

hee.thx 4 reading this entry yeah.
come to my home now!!..i  give u 10$ hahaha :D

okay..that's all for today.. papai

p/s: maaf ea kalau english aku terok..kalo ade salah ape2 kat atas yg aku tulis 2..gtaw laa ea..bole mngktkan english aku agi..jgn malu2 nk gtaw aku mana salh :D 

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