20 November, 2012

Glad that you're my friends :')

Assalamualaikum.harini aku nak try speaking dlm entry ni..so hope x menyampah bila baca.. ngee`

hye bloggers..just wanna share some story for today.today such an enjoyable day with my old friends,qila,noor n dekna.1st we watched Istanbul Aku Datang Movie..aww..!that story is so so so romantic..i like it..especially Beto..oh my god.u make me melt Beto!can u be my husband. LOL.:')  hahaha.after finished watching movie..we felt so hungry so we went to  KFC(kedai Tok Janggut) Haha~we spent more time there.. we'd took some photos for our memory..the best moment  when we'd laughing,gossiping n chatting together..that was such a sweet moment,!..hee.really love that moment.okay..that is.i don't want to make this entry so long..now.i wanna share u some photos of us.. take a look yeah! :)

 our tickets movie :')

 from left: dekna,noor n qila 

awww..we with  my wannabe husband..hahah~ ofcoz nope..  hihi

 noor,dekna,me n qila..

actually there are more photos than above..i put all in my facebook..hee..

i really enjoy today with them..i hope next time we can hangout again together..if Allah wills it.. :')
lastly i'm glad that they're my best friends..hee love them so much..n also my others friend..

p/s : sorry if my  english is broken..hee..i just want to learn to speak in english.. 


assalamualaikum :')

hope u guys have a nice day..

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