12 February, 2013

Testing new camera(DSLR) :')

Assalamualaikum.i'd been busy,busy n busy studying.such a quite difficult subjects in sem 2.don't know y.so i need to be more focus in study,right?hee nevermind.btw hope u guys in a pink of health.. :) i'm so lazy to update too long..so just straight to the point..

my lebely dad n me..how do we look,same or not? :)
btw..his mother's mother is "keturunan cina".so my dad look alike chinese people.huuuu

me,dad,mom n my sista! 

next week,i have 4 tests from tuesday until friday..argh..~ so scared..i hope that all the tests are easy as ABC..seriusly,test can make me so nervous.hmm.wish me luck okayy..tq..

that's all for today..insyaAllah if i have a time,i will update again..heee..

bye.don't forget to miss me kayy..hihi.assalamualaikum


Dak Fisha said...

wowww. bestnyer. bila la akak nk ade dslr tuh. idaman tuh. hehehe.

Dak Fisha said...

gdluck k dikkkk :)

Puteri Diyana said...

hee..mmg best sgt2 laa kak..
btw..thx kak <3